Remembering . . .

Drag Strips

Unidentified dragster at Gulfport. Photographer unknown.


  • Columbus Drag Strip, ca. 1970
I raced at the Columbus, Mississippi, drag strip one time while I was a student at Mississippi State University, around 1970. They were using a home-made looking "Christmas Tree" and I entered my 1955 Ford in a low Super Stock class. I remember seeing the "Oldtimer," a 1950 Olds from Greenwood, Mississippi, that always ran good. I made it to the final in Super Stock and lost to an AMX.
David Church
David Church's 1955 Ford in its original blue in 1969 (top) and in 2017 at National Trail Raceway (bottom). Courtesy of David Church


  • Grenada Dragways
My grandfather, Charles Preston Durham (known locally as Brother Durham), was from Durant in Holmes County and participated in several races throughout Mississippi, in what I believe was the 1950s. I had a small box of trophies at one time and I can’t seem to locate them now to know where all he raced, but I happened to find one today that says Grenada Dragways. Does that ring any bells? I enclosed the pic of the trophy. Any info you have would be so cool!
Liz Durham
Courtesy of Liz Durham


  • Bud's Race Track
Bud's Racetrack in Nettleton, Mississippi. I was not old enough to race there, but cousin Michael drove us around the track in an old "coupe" car. Great childhood memories. Grandmother lived across the highway from the racetrack. Loved it.!!!
Carolyn Cooley


  • Riverside Raceway, late 1970s
I raced here in the late 1970s . James Alford Jr. fixed up the old Dodge trash truck into a nice hot rod. I went to school with James. Racing is what we did.  I also remember the Little Red Wagon doing a wheelie down the track there. We would get an invitation in the mail letting me know when the season started. Anyone with $3000 and a little mechanical know how could go racing. Try that today.
Jeffery Slade