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West Virginia
Drag Strips

Kanawha Valley Drag Strip.. Photographer unknown


  • Grandview International Dragway,  1976
I saw a few races there around about 1976. If I have the date correct, I was about 16 years old. A friend told me the owner would give me permission to drive down the track after the races so I stuck around. My friend pointed out R.J to me so that I could approach him. R.J. said sure go ahead, so I pulled my father's 1967 Impala up to the starting line, but then another track employee came yelling and waving his arms at me. I told the employee I had R.J's permission to drive down the track, but he would have none of it. That was the start and end of my short racing career.
Steve Bennett


  • Eldora Drag Raceway,  1969-70
I raced at Eldora Raceway in '69 and '70. It was a quarter mile back then. I ran in Factory Pure Stock D Class 440's.  This car was a class winner four times. This car also held the Eastern Conference track record for D Class Pure Stock for thirteen weeks with a 13.23.
Lee Connor
Lee Connor's 1968 Dodge R/T with drag race trophy on hood.  Courtesy of Lee Connor
Lee Connor's 1968 Dodge R/T with class winner stickers.  Courtesy of Lee Connor
  • Eldora Drag Raceway, 1964-ca. 1976
My father built Eldora Dragstrip in Fairmont, West Virgina. When the promotors could not pay the bill we ended up with the track as a court settlement. From the beginning and for about ten or twelve years my family ran the track. As a kid I grew up meeting people like "Grumpy" Bill Jenkins, Sox and Martin, T V Tommy Ivo and a bunch of other racers from that period. The story of drag racing from the track owners side is pretty interesting, The track had a sweeping steep turn at the end of the shut down area, but I have never heard anyone tell the true story of why it was really there. My father passed away three years ago and i'm the youngest of the Callison family [in 2017] at 58. Soon this piece of history will be gone forever. But it was a great way to spend your summers as a kid.
Tim Callison