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Woodburn Drag Strip, 1966.. Photographed by Marty Strode


  • Balboa Park Raceway Drag Strip, 1960s
My Uncle, Steve Stevens, flagged at two tracks in Eugene, Oregon: Danibo Drag Strip and Eugene Speedway, on West 11th. He was hit when flagging at Eugene Speedway in the '60s. He worked mostly at Eugene Speedway. It was figure 8 and oval for the sprint cars. He used to take us there when he was working in the '60s. He got clipped in one of the races and got only a leg injury. He did not flag much after that. But he did own a gas station not far from the track on West 11th. My aunt still lives in the home two blocks from the gas station. We could hear the race from their house.
Loretta (Streeter) Aggen


  • Scappoose Airport, 1955
I ran a '55 Chev Del Ray twice in strictly stock class. I was never beat. Another one who ran at Scappoose was Dick Maris. He was a paraplegic who ran a '54 Cadillac, with hand controls. He got crippled in Alaska years before by the territorial cops.  He hit a dip up there and rolled his car. The cops thought he was drunk and they forced him to walk back to his car and his back was broken. He was crippled in his lower legs and his back from then on. The government paid for most of his upkeeping. He chose to drag a Cadillac. The power to weight ratio . . . such a terrible class. He made it go. He also did head work. He had a setup that he could sit in his wheelchair and port and polish heads. He raced his Cadillac at Scappoose and at Shelton, also.   I also ran later on at Shelton, Washington. My biggest challenger when I raced at Scappoose was a used car dealer from Portland. He had a '54 or '55 Packard. I beat him. I only came home from Scappoose with one little itty-bitty trophy. It was just a little cup-thing. I don't even think there was a car on it. It was just just a little stand with a cup. They weren't that organized out there. That was in '55.  My car was a brand new Chevy Del Ray, not a Bel Ray. It was a hardtop. It had a post there in the middle. It had a column shift. It was the only V8 they were making at the time that had mechanical lifters. All the rest of them were hydraulic lifters. It was quite tunable. The class I ran in, I don't know what they called it, but it was strictly stock. The only thing you could do was put dual pipes on it. Everything else had to be stock. Just shortly after I raced, the city closed the Scappoose Airport  down to drag racing. They had a bunch of problems with a bunch of kids drinking out there. So the city closed it. All the guys that I knew that raced back then, I think, most of them have passed away. Pierre Phillips may still be alive. I'm almost ninety. I was 24 or 25 when I raced at Scappoose. 
Larry Stopper, 
telephone interview with
Mel Bashore, September 10, 2017