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Scribner Raceway, 1980s. Attributed to Rocky Finlayson, photographer


  • Flightland Drag Strip, 1962-66
I got hooked on drag racing at the Flightland Airport strip just southwest of Blair, Nebraska, in the 1962-66 time period. I followed Missouri Valley, Iowa, racer Dick Reeh who ran a '39 Ford coupe with a '48 Mercury flathead with aluminum Canadian heads and 3 -2's. It had a home-made aluminum interior. Cadillac LaSalle 3-speed on the floor. It ran in G/G at 14.2 et and around 95 mph. Beautiful car. I watched John Weibe's Kansas dragster, Kenz and Leslie's Ford-powered dragster from Colorado. I even saw TV Tommy Ivo's 4-wheel drive, 4 Buick-engined dragster do exhibitions. Chris Karamesimes ran there as did Judy Lilly in an A/MS Corvette. She had to be told every time on the line to put her brain bucket on. She didn't want to squash her beehive hairdo! I saw wonderful super stock races between 409 Chevys, 421 Ponchos, and Ed Joakim's white lightweight factory '63 1/2 Galaxie with the dual quad 427. Perhaps the most memorable car, though, was a white '57 Chevy post sedan named "Tension." I don't remember if it was a dual quad car or a fuelie. [The paint job on it was] white with black lettering that was done in such a creative way that looking at the lettering too long, you could get a headache from looking at it.  Cool, huh?  Some wonderful memories there as a kid.
Ron Krull
  • Omaha Dragway, 1965
I lived in Omaha from 1958 to 1963, moved and returned for summer of 1965. I was in junior high and my friend and I used to beg rides from his mom to take us out to the Dragway. I have some Omaha Herald articles covering the racing. Also some photos. We were stock class fans,Pontiac for me and Ford for my friend. Also fans of the Kidder brothers, Don Stephenson in his' 57 Chevy too. I rode my bicycle out 72nd street to the track one Sunday. One of the best races was a NHRA regional in '65. Les Ritchie driving the overhead camper Mustang. Other local favorites Brescia Brothers B/Gas supercharged Austin, Dean's roadster, Muller and Scheef '55 Chevy. Howdy Williams' dragsters were great. I was a really big fan in those days and had some great times there.
Bruce Rainey


  • Cornhusker Raceway Park
I raced my 1949 Anglia gasser at Cornhusker Raceway.
Carroll Schmidt
Carroll Schmidt's A/G Anglia in staqging lanes at Cornhusker. Note the feed lots in the background.. Courtesy of Carroll Schmidt
Carroll Schmidt's "Pied Piper" A/G Anglia. Courtesy of Carroll Schmidt
Carroll Schmidt behind the wheel of his Anglia gasser. Courtesy of Carroll Schmidt