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Dick Harrell, Camaro funny car, Mid-America Raceway, 1971. Photographer unknown.


  • Mo-Kan Dragway, 1965-72
I raced there from '65-72, all stock elimianator cars. It was a great race track and well managed. I ran the best time in my '66  L79 Nova there-:12.90 at 109 mph.
Bill Pringle


  • Thunder Valley Raceway, 2010
I do not know the complete history of this track, but did race it as late as 2010, I think. It closed for a while, but I understand it is going to be back open in 2017. I think the current name is Thunder Valley.
Shon Berry


  • Tri-State Dragway, 1964-66
We enjoyed a couple of match races at Tri-State Dragway with Jack Ditmars and the "'Lil Screamer." Our name was Hall and Peterson. We ran a 1948 Crosley Hotshot, with a 327, Hilborn stacks, Isky 550 roller, etc., all on 2,000 pounds.  I was not a detail person,other than wrenching and driving the Crosley. We raced Jack Ditmars no less than twice.  Got beat both times, but made alot of noise. Ha.   Great memories I have at, now, age 71. Tri-State was an 1/8 mile strip.   I know WLS radio always seemed to run the match race ads, and boy, they did a great job.   I never got any pics from those races, and I can't articulate what it would mean if anyone has ever submitted pics taken on those awesome warm summer nights. Do you remember Lee Smith and his beautiful Chrysler sponsored hemis he ran for many years? We raced him at Cordova a number of times; lost a couple.  I also worked with him as a pit crew member. He was well-known, kind of in the same breath of Ronnie Sox of Sox and Martin, Dick Landy, etc. 
Jon Peterson
Jon Peterson's 1948 Crosley Hotshot A/MSP

Kansas City

  • Kansas City Timing Association Drag Strip, late 1950s
I have raced my '56 Chevy there in the late '50s.
Mark Magel
  • Kansas City International Raceway, late 1960s
At that time I had a '67 Dodge Coronet R/T. 440, four-speed, bench seat, Dana 60. We simply called it the "Chouteau" drag strip since it was just off of the Chouteau Bridge over the Missouri River. I was only there once and was having a great day until I came up against the blonde girl in the Marina Blue 375-horsepower Super Sport Nova. She had the power and the talent.
Ray Weter


  • Four-State Dragway, 1965-66
I raced at 4-State in '65 & '66. I raced a Pontiac in '65, and an L79 Nova in '66. It was an airport so we would have to stop racing to let planes land. Word was, you could put a marble on the finish line and it would roll to the start line. I always ran slower there than at Mokan. I won 3 trophies in one day back in 1966. I won my class, Top  Stock, and fastest Chevy based on handicap. That was the highlight of my racing career.
Bill Pringle
  • Four-State Dragway
I raced and worked at 4 States Dragway in Monett, Missouri. Leon Kelly was the flagman to start the race and I was the flagman at the finish line to indicate the winner, Once when I drove Leon's '39 Chevy coupe, we broke the tranny and pulled the one out of my '57 to finish the race and then put it back so I could drive home. At another race the weld broke on the sterring wheel of my Henry J (which I still have) and I had to clamp a vice grip to the sterring column and finished the race, steering with the vice grip and shifting a 4-speed.
Dennis Worm
Dennis Worm's 1957 Chevy at 4-State Dragway with a time slip. Courtesy of Dennis Worm
  • Four-State Dragway, ca. 1966
Maybe  in about 1966 at Monett, I won "Little Eliminator" in a '64 Fairlane Sport Coupe, 289 Special, four speed. The 289 Special had a two-barrel carburetor. I never did find out for sure what the difference was in that engine and the base 289 two-barrel. And by the way, I had a "Cobra Kit," solid lifters, and cam installed in it at "Tall Paul's" Ford dealership in Hickman Mills, Missouri.
Ray Weter


  • Springfield-Ozark Dragway, 1960s
I raced my daily driver a few times at Springfield-Ozark Dragway in Ozark, MO. I attended races there regularly in the mid- to late-'60s, seeing many of the top racers of the day. I used to have some photos, but they have been lost over the years.
Warren Walther


  • Pacific Drag Strip, 1963-ca. 1966
I went to the races with my dad in 1964 at Pacific Drag Strip and a few years after that. We got there one Sunday. The track was closed because of an explosion on the property. We did see Dickie Harell at the Nationals one year. I was 13 years old.
Steve Stranz


  • I-55 Dragway, 1969-70s
I raced at Pevel y, '69 to mid-'70s.  Elmer Sago was the promoter. I had a lot of fun. I raced there several times. The track was located somewhere between Rolla and Pevely, closer to Pevely.  My car caught on fire. They had next to no fire equipment.  A water delivery truck happened by. Saved the drive train.
Howard Kunz


  • Interstate Dragways/Jeffers Motorsports Park, 1969-present
My friend Daryl Cooper won the first ever-race at the Interstate Dragway race track on April 20, 1969. He raced a 1956 Corvette and won $25.00. He continues to race there. Daryl and I have some pictures from Sikeston back in the early 70's when Rapid Ronnie Runyan's Blue Hell Corvair funny car ran Don Bigger's Hemi Duster funny car. Also the Radici and Wise 1970 Funny Car Camaro ran there and match raced the Grant Rebel SST funny car.  I go there many times to help my friend Daryl Cooper. It is now Jeffers Motorsports Park owned by Larry Jefffers and Randy Merrick.
Lyndel Revelle


  • Sullivan Drag Strip
I raced at Sullivan many times. I had a '64 Chevelle "Plum Crazy." I ran mid 6s. All I remember is if you didn't stand on the brakes hard, the shutdown was pea gravel. Not fun if anything was not good.
Howard Kunz


  • Mid-America Raceway, circa 1971-72
As my years of going to grad school and working in St. Louis were drawing to a close, I heard about a drag race being held at a track out in Wentzville, which I also knew, was where Rock 'n Roller Chuck Berry lived. As we lived in the city, it was a breath of fresh air to get out in the country where MAR was located. Lots of trees and rolling country ground. Without the home movies I took of the race, I probably would have forgotten that Dick Harrell and Gene Snow were some of the funny car racers there. I sat in the spectators stands on the east side, but also was able to get right behind the starting line to take movies.
Mel Bashore


  • St. Genevieve Drag Strip, circa 1971-72
A friend of mine, Daryl Cooper, used to race at the St. Genevieve Mo. Drag Strip track until it closed down in, I think, 1977. Les Trautman built the track and opened it in 1966, I think. Les Trautman lives in St. Genevieve as I remember. I have picures of Daryl Cooper and his race car there, Mr. Bardahl's '66 Corvette and Mr. Bardahl's '67 Cmaro and Arnie Beswick when he match raced a early funny car '66 Mustang.
Lyndel Revelle
  • St. Genevieve Drag Strip, circa 1969-70
I raced my '65 GTO there one time.  The shut down was short.  Had fun.  A friend, Leroy Grass, lived in St. Gen is how I  went there.
Steve Stranz