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Unidentified dragster at Minnesota Dragways, ca. 1963-64.. Photographer unknown


  • Donnybrooke International Speedway,  1968
I raced my 1967 Dodge Coronet RT at Donneybrooke Speedway, Brainerd, Minnesota (later to become BIR, Brainerd International Raceway) on opening day in 1968. The one mile straightaway was paved, the other two miles of the track were not yet paved. Even the pit area was not paved. By the end of the day my black Dodge was almost brown from all the dust. The Z28 Chevy Camaros with their 4 speed manuals were no match for my Dodge with the 440 Magnum, Sure-Grip rear end and Torqueflite transmission. Even though it was a very hot day and my car was having vapor lock issues, I got enough of a hole shot (2-3 car lengths by the time they stopped spinning), that they didn't have a chance. It really wasn't fair, but they ran strict NHRA rules. It would have been a long ride home without that trophy. I'll never forget that day. Wish I had photos to share, it was a great day.
Carroll Wallin

Coon Rapids

  • Minnesota Dragways,  1967-68
I ran a '63 Chev 327, 300hp, 4 speed at Minnesota Dragways in 1967 and 1968. I was in a couple of 4-car races. That was kinda fun.
Dale Johnson
  • Minnesota Dragways,  1961
I had a 1961 Pontiac that I dragged a few times at Twin City and Coon Rapids in 1961. It had a 389 tri-power, posi-rear, 4.11 and a four.
Felix Potvin
  • Minnesota Dragways,  1968-70
I raced a '67 442 in 1967, 1968, and some in 1970, before I went Trans-Am racing. I finished number one in the state without a loss for the year.
Jerry Scherger
  • Minnesota Dragways, circa late 1960s
I raced my 1967 Dodge Coronet RT at Minnesota Dragways, Coon Rapids, Minnesota. Running Pure Stock class (straight from the showroom floor), I ran a 14.02 ET @ 102.27 MPH. With a cheap set of used slicks and cutout exhaust, I got it down to 13.86 ET @ 104 MPH. (Standard 3.23 gears.)
Carroll Wallin

New Brighton

  • North Star Drag Strip,  1978
I remember going to North Star Dragstrip in 1978. I was a junior in high school. I was racing a '66 Mustang fastback with a four speed. My parents allowed me to get this car if I promised to never race it. I crawled out from underneath my car after opening my headers early Sunday morning and looked up to see my dad staring down at me. I asked how he knew I was there and he said: #1--you don't get up on Sunday mornings and #2--it wasn't hard to figure out where we were going with about five of my friends' cars at our house that morning. I asked if he was mad at me? He said as long as it was under supervision it was ok. I thought he would embarrass me in front of my friends and ground me and take the car away. I went on to win a trophy that day in G/FX. Best ET was 14:21 @ 99.00 mph with Goodyear Polyglas tires. I thought I was the next Don Garlits. I drove around with that trophy between my bucket seats for two weeks. I still have the trophy and handwritten time slips from that day. As the years went by my dad and mom became my biggest supporters as drag racing continued later on in life at BIR, Rockfalls, Interstate Dragways, Grove Creek and Cedar Falls. Great memories, and it all started at North Star Dragstrip.
Larry Thingvold
Larry Thingvold's 1966 Mustang. Courtesy of Larry Thingvold
1978 class trophy, North Star Drag Strip. Courtesy of Larry Thingvold
  • Twin City Speedway,  1960-61
We used to race on Sunday's at Twin City Speedway in New Brighton, Minnesota, in 1960 & '61.  This was our Sunday entertainment in 1961! It was fun to be 21 and free to do whatever we liked!  The black '60 Ford Starliner is mine, but I was usually beat by my friend's '58 Tri-Power Pontiac. He still has the Pontiac by the way! Another friend's '61 Chev 4-speed was also faster than my 300 HP Ford 3-speed, but we had a good time! We were all from the Winthrop-Gaylord area of Minnesota at that time. 
Dean Lind
Twin City Speedway, 1961. Courtesy of Dean Lind
  • North Star Drag Strip,  1978-79
I raced my 1969 Firebird at North Star in the summer of 1978 and 1979.
Charley Wilber
Charley Wilber's 1969 Pontiac Firebird at North Star in 1978. Courtesy of Charley Wilber