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Tommy Ivo at Sanford. Photographer unknown


  • Sanford Drag Strip, 1950s-60s
I raced at Sanford Maine Dragway in the late '50's into sixties. Member of Tappets Auto Club of Manchester, NH. Would love to find someone who could share pictures of our club at the drags. Ran A/SR. Also would love info and picture of Eleanor"Ma" Sidebotham. She was a major influence and assistance to a group of young hot rodders.
Robert Corriveau
  • Sanford Dragway, 1964-66
I did not race at Sanford, Maine, but my dad did. He raced there from 1964 until it closed. He much preferred Sanford over New England Dragway in Epping, New Hampshire. Apparently the early track surfaces at NED were considered "greasy" in comparison to Sanford. My dad, Jim Neithercut, first raced a white '62 Chevy Impala convertible with a 327, but then he and a high school classmate named Mike Cyr teamed up with a black '65 Chevy Chevelle with a 283. They named the car the "CHEV-HELL" and called themselves the "Engine Masters Racing Team" from Saco, Maine. They ran it in H/S and were running right on the national record with 14.4, but got blown away by a station wagon from Pennsylvania running a 13.9.
Adam Neithercut


  • Winterport Dragway, 1981-84
I raced at Winterport Dragway and Oxford Plains Dragway in Maine from 1981-84. I raced a red and white 1955 Chevrolet BelAir convertible gasser type car in the early 1980s which was powered by an injected 426 Hemi. It was painted like the Indianapolis 500 pace car. If anyone has any video  footage of my car back then, I'd love to see it and copy it.
Larry Stegna
  • Winterport Dragway, 1960s-1989
I was a kid in Winterport and we rode bicycles to the track in the 60's. In 1989 I drug my '66 Fairlane to Winterport, raced and won! Memories.
Russ Allen
Russ Allen's 1966 Ford Fairlane. Courtesy of Russ Allen
  • Winterport Dragway, 1967-69
I raced my new 1967 Chevelle SS 396 at Winterport, Maine, Dragway in '67, '68, and '69. The track was a 1/4 mile strip. Oh, what fun it was!! The strip is still operating as a 1/8 strip and doing fine.
John Gray
John Gray's 1967 Chevelle SS 396, coming out after 28 years of being stored in his barn. Courtesy of John Gray
John Gray's 1967 Chevelle SS 396, out in the open after coming out of storage. Gray sold the car in about 2012, the car ending up in North Carolina where the new owner restored it to its original condition. Courtesy of John Gray