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Kahuku Point Airfield ​(Oahu) (1950s)
Hawaii Raceway Park (Honolulu) (1963)
Maui Raceway Park (1963)
Hilo Drag Strip (1978)
Top fuel racing at Hawaii Raceway Park, Honolulu. Photograph from Safari Char

Hawaii Raceway Park (Honolulu)

  • Years of Operation: 1963-2006
The drag strip was built on what became a racing complex comprising a dirt oval track, road course, and sand drag strip. In 1973, the track briefly closed when the promoters failed to keep up with their lease rent. This was just the first of an on-again, off-again history of racing at the track. After their lease with the James Campbell Estate ran out, the drag strip had to close.
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1986. Courtesy of Tracy Arakaki
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CLICK HERE to see brief 8mm video clip of Hawaii Dragway, produced by James Amos, pan to 6:24 minute mark thru 6:39 minute mark

Kahuku Point Airfield (Oahu)

  • Years of Operation:  1950s-early 1960s
Drag races took place on a runway of the WWII airfield at the very northern-most tip of Oahu. There were three old WWII airfields in close proximity to each other on the northern part of the island. The Kahuku Point Airfield at the very tip had the most facilities of the three. It had two paved runways and a taxiway paralleling the northern runway. Walter Dick recalled, "I was one of the group that initiated drag racing at the Kahuku strip. I was a 'founder' of the local hot rod club (circa 1952). We negotiated with the local Philipino farmer leaseholder for access to the site. We used the end of the South segment of the strip. We had to chase the cows off before we could race. The North segment of the strip had the antenna field for the RCA short-wave transmitting site and also served as a National Guard summer campground.
Most of the middle was covered in blowing sand then.” It appears from his description that drag races were held on the wide strip that was oriented northwest/southeast. That strip on the eastern side of the point is still visible in aerial photos. We are fortunate to have home movies of the racing in 1957 (see below). A hotel, golf course, and wildlife refuge occupy the site of the old arifield today.
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Maui Raceway Park

  • Years of Operation: 1963-present
This quarter-mile NHRA-sanctioned drag strip is located at the old Puunene Army Airfield north of Kihei.  Drag racing on Maui dates back to probably the 1950s when racers used the old airfield for impromptu racing. In 1963, the Valley Isle Timing Association was founded and VITA sponsored racing on the airfield that year. Accoriding to the track's official website, VITA-sponsored racing at Maui is (in 2016) in its "42nd consecutive race season." This calculates to 1974 for continuous racing operation. According to Old Timer, who has a comprehensive collection of NHRA track guidebooks, MRP was first sanctioned by NHRA in 1978.
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